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The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are not only beautiful but they've taken on different meanings over the years. Take a look at some favorite flowers and their meanings and buy flowers that mean what you want to say!

AsterSymbol of love, dainty, afterthought
Baby's BreathHappiness
Carnation PinkI'll never forget you, woman's love, always on my mind
Carnation RedMy heart aches for you, passion
Carnation WhiteInnocence, pure love
Chrysanthemum You’re a wonderful friend
Daffodil Unrequited love, you are the only one
Daisy Innocence, loyal love, purity
Forget-Me-NotTrue love, memories
Gerbera DaisyHappiness
GladiolaI am sincere, strength of character, give me a break
HoneysuckleSweetness of disposition
IrisYour friendship means so much to me, wisdom, faith
Lilly (Calla)Beauty
Lilly (Day)Chinese emblem for Mother
Lilly (Oriental) Wealth, pride
Lilly of the ValleySweetness, humility, You've made my life complete
OrchidLove, beauty, refinement, Chinese symbol for many children
PoinsettiaBe of good cheer, flowers of Christmas Eve or flower of the Holy Night
Peony Shame, happy life, happy marriage
Rose (single full bloom)I love you
Roses (bouquet of mature roses)Gratitude
RosebudBeauty and youth
Rose (thornless)Love at first sight
Rose (peach)Desire and excitement
Rose (pink)Perfect happiness, please believe me
Rose (red)Love, I love you, passion
Rose (red and white together)Unity, humility
Rose (white)Innocence and purity, I am worthy of you
Rose (yellow)Friendship, decrease of love, jealousy
SnapdragonDeception, gracious lady, presumption
SunflowerDevotion, sunshine
TulipPerfect love, luck, fame
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